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A Chance To Escape His Troubled Past

Those who experience adventure firsthand possess a unique advantage in penning best western history books for adults. They can recount their escapades by infusing vivid details, emotions, and sensory perceptions that result from personal encounters rather than mere observations.

Edmond P. DeRousse, in his Cheyenne Circumstance, uses his personal encounters and imagination to bring you a riveting read. Through Edmond’s common man adventures that inspired him to write thrilling tales, you get to understand that you don’t have to be rich and famous to live your life to the fullest!

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If you want to amuse yourself with the best books on Western history, Edmond P. DeRousse has incredible western cowboy books in store for you. These Western history books not only have stories that you will like, but they also walk you through America’s frontier past, unveiling tales of courage and bravery. Engaging with these stories will immerse you in the spirit of exploration.

Whether it is Cheyenne Circumtance or The American Cowboy, the riveting tales will leave you engrossed. Get ready to embark on common man adventures with the incredible stories that Edmond has authored!

about the Author

Edmond P. DeRousse was born and raised in Southern, Il. He is a lifelong Western Enthusiast, a retired educator for the Illinois Department of Corrections, a US Army Vietnam Veteran, and was an executive with the Boy Scouts of America. With two children, four grandchildren, horses, motorcycles, and several careers, he has accumulated many adventures. It is those adventures that inspire much of his writing. You Don’t Have To Be Rich And Famous To Have Adventures!

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best books on western history

about the Book

William Preston “Bloody Bill” Langley, a handsome young Texas outlaw, had perfected the use of his weapon of choice, a dance .44 revolver. Much had been rumored about the outlaw. His reputation rivaled that of John Wesley Hardin. He had a justified reputation as a killer of men.

On the run from the law, Bloody Bill escapes a vigilante hanging and finds himself in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he has a chance to change his troubled past. In Cheyenne Circumstance, the outlaw encounters Lizzy Smith, a respectable young lady who, by a twist of fate, finds herself drawn to the troubled outlaw. A captivating tale unfolds of two people brought together by circumstance. A circumstance that also tore them apart. Langley swore he would never see Lizzy again to ensure she and the baby would be safe from his troubled past. Lizzy had once convinced the outlaw he could be a good man. She was convinced she could again. If she could just find him…..

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