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Cheyenne Circumstance

A Chance to Escape his troubled past

Action adventure books take you to amazing places that you might otherwise not have the opportunity to explore. They ignite the spark for adventure inside you so that you can not wait to see what is around the next corner. Edmond P. DeRousse brings you adventure-packed history books for adults that will keep you enthralled and on the edge of the seat till you turn over the last page.

In this one of the unputdownable action adventure books, you will come across William Preston “Bloody Bill” Langley, a handsome young Texas outlaw had perfected the use of his weapon of choice, a dance .44 revolver. Much had been rumored about the outlaw. His reputation rivaled that of John Wesley Hardin. He had a justified reputation as a killer of men.

On the run from the law, Bloody Bill escapes a vigilante hanging and finds himself in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where he has a chance to change his troubled past. In Cheyenne, counted among romantic history books for adults, the outlaw encounters Lizzy Smith, a respectable young lady who, by a twist of fate, finds herself drawn to the troubled outlaw. A captivating tale unfolds of two people brought together by circumstance. A circumstance that also tore them apart. Langley swore he would never see Lizzy again to ensure she and the baby would be safe from his troubled past. Lizzy had once convinced the outlaw he could be a good man. She was convinced she could again. If she could just find him…..

I Should Have Been A Cowboy

Looking for Action Adventure Books? The American Cowboy Has It All!

Cowboy stories have timeless allure, showcasing the triumph of good versus evil, the pursuit of justice, nad the human spirit’s endurance amidst adversity. Many history books for adults feature cowboy tales that captivate with their portrayal of self-reliant characters navigating harsh terrains and confronting danger with unwavering courage.

The American Cowboy. The word “Cowboy” conveys an image of a man wearing a wide brimmed hat, boots, gun belt and sitting on a horse. He is tall in the saddle, alone, and faces danger head-on. He’s one man against nature and the outlaws. He is a folk hero, half real, half mythological. For many, he conjures up the true spirit of America. How did he make it into our living rooms? This one of the best history books traces his life through history, from his saddle to our televisions.      

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