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Edmond P. DeRousse was born and raised in Southern, Il. He is a lifelong Western Enthusiast, a retired educator for the Illinois Department of Corrections, a US Army Vietnam Veteran, and was an executive with the Boy Scouts of America. With two children, four grandchildren, horses, motorcycles, and several careers, he has accumulated many adventures. It is those adventures that inspire much of his writing. You Don’t Have To Be Rich And Famous To Have Adventures.

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Riding Through The Decades: Lessons, Challenges, And Mind Games In Equestrian Life

Being used to living an outdoorsy and adventurous life, I was drawn to horseriding. My love for the sport got me into reading Western cowboy books and so I decided to take the leap myself. A decade ago, I was learning how to ride a horse responsibly. It was difficult, but many things in life are. Obviously, I am a decade older now and a little smarter about equestrian things. I have learned many life lessons. Patience, probably the biggest one. Here is one of the Western cowboy books you will immensely enjoy. It is a story I wrote about my early horse experience. I lost Aztec about a year after I wrote this. He taught me a great deal about enjoying life. I am still enjoying equestrian life.