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7 Best Historical Fiction Books in 2024

Historical Fiction Books

If you love to be transported to another time and place, real or imagined, historical fiction books are the best choice. In this literary genre, authors set a fictional plot that takes place in the setting of popular real historical events. Historical fiction serves as a cornerstone for history fans, as this sort of fiction vividly resurrects the ways of life from bygone eras. Most often, this particular genre is categorized on the basis of its immersive storytelling as well as attention to detail.

A few years back, this specific genre was dismissed as trite historically, but now its popularity is increasing again. The surge in the popularity of cowboy history books cannot be ignored as well, whether the authors explore the WWII era or other significant historical epochs. Let’s explore why people like historical fiction and what makes a good historical fiction book before settling on a varied shortlist of the best historical fiction books.

Why do People Like Historical Fiction?

People with a love for historical fiction are frequently attracted to such books. What is the major reason people are so obsessed with this sort of writing? According to existing trends, people find historical fiction books evocative, beautifully realized, and have a huge degree of atmosphere.

It is the specialty of historical fiction that offers a more inclusive portrait of what happened in the past. It mainly deals with the recover and develop stories that have been lost or forgotten. In such tales, readers find foreground figures and dissenting and radical perspectives that were consigned to history’s sidelines.

What Makes a Good Historical Fiction Book?

The author’s art of breathing life into historical insights is what makes a good historical fiction book. Authors try to instigate these stories while transporting readers through time, connecting them on a human level with the people of the past.

On the other hand, great historical fiction books are shaped by considering the role of technical accuracy to grasp the readers’ attention because these stories require an intangible authenticity.

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7 Best Historical Fiction Books in 2024

This section includes some popular historical fiction books for historical fiction enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the world of the best history books so far.

Cheyenne Circumstance” by Edmond P. DeRousse

If you’re looking for some popular historical fiction, don’t miss Edmond P. DeRousse‘s “Cheyenne Circumstance.” The story encompasses the life of William Preston, a handsome young outlaw in Texas, also named Bloody Bill Langley. William is a person who is surrounded by a series of murders, killings, and other crimes, but after meeting with respectable young land, Lizzy Smith, Bill wants to leave this disturbing world for the sake of making a wonderful family with the young land.

Unfortunately, Bill’s troubled past doesn’t leave him. Two people, Lizzy and William, come close together by circumstances, and these circumstances also tear them apart from each other. This interesting read has all the eye-catching elements of cowboy history books. So, get this asap and delve into the world of historical fiction!

Small World” by Jonathan Evison

Based on a unique foundation such as immigration and innovation, Evison presents an ambitious historical fiction novel that revolves around different events in the nineteenth century and the present. This story basically enlightens the lives of many families belonging to different places in the world, including Irish and Chinese immigrants, enslaved Black people, and displaced Native Americans. Everyone in this story is on a mission to find their place in America during two major historical events: the dawn of the great American railroad and the westward movement.

The Familiar” by Leigh Bardugo

“The Familiar” is a historical fiction by Leigh that also with a side of fantasy. In this novel, readers will explore Luzia, who was a servant in the time of the Spanish Inquisition; however, she also holds a unique quality of doing magic with a Jewish background. The author offers these two dangerous aspects of Luzia’s life because these are believed to be dangerous at that period of history. For seeking a better life, Luzia exposes her art and abilities, but soon she finds herself in a competition of performing miracles.

Lucky Red” by Claudia Cravens

Claudia Cravens invites readers to discover the Western historical fiction, “Lucky Red,” which is set in Dodge City in 1877. This tale of history will show you a Western world like you have never seen before based on some varied features such as a story of reinvention, sex work, found family, and queer self-discovery.

God’s Country” by Percival Everett

In this terrific book, Percival Everett transports readers to explore the Wild West road trip that challenges our assumptions about human dignity. As one of the best history books, you will find each page with outrageously funny, alarmingly serious, and gratifying aspects and characters. Get this comic and fierce addition to the best historical fiction books list now!

Lonesome Dove” by Larry McMurtry

If you want to read any Western historical fiction novel in your life, you must have “Lonesome Dove” by Larry McMurtry. Revolving around two aging ex-Texas Rangers living in a small town ‘Lonesome Dove.’ This adventure will take you to the unforgettable assortment of heroes and outlaws, whores and ladies, and Indians and settlers. This story will make you laugh, cry, dream, and remember simultaneously.

True Grit” by Charles Portis

“True Grit” is simply an American masterpiece. It tells the heartwarming story of Mattie Ross. When Mattie is just 14 years old, a cowardly man, Tom Chaney, shoots his father in Fort Smith while robbing his life, his horse, and all his cash. From there, a tale of unwavering revenge begins because Mattie has an urge to avenge her father’s blood, and he crosses all the limits to reach the culprit.