Edmond P. DeRousse

Yesterday, The World In Crisis!

The Great American Rodeo and Equestrian Show was in two days. I had been asked to be part of a presentation on senior equestrian life. A first for me and I was anxious about it. Bucky, my equestrian partner, and I had been practicing and rehearsing our routine. Two days ago Bucky threw a shoe. It had only been two weeks since his last shoeing. The intricacies of our routine could be affected by that loss, which added to my anxiety. 

Riding Bucky is an opportunity to leave the problems of the world behind. If for no other reason, that had me looking forward to the weekend show. There would be no news; only fun and entertainment. 

But yesterday the world seemed like it was about to crumble down around me. Anxiety in me was high and rising. The world seemed unstable. According to news reports dangerous situations were affecting individuals, groups, and all of society. The world was in crisis. There was war in Europe, and violent demonstrations in the US. Someone was robbed at the 7-11 across town, and Bucky, had thrown a shoe. 

The turmoil in the world was troublesome, no doubt. But I had to focus on the weekend’s event and get Bucky a new shoe. I called Mike, my ferrier. He had agreed to reshoe him later that day, however I had to bring Bucky to him. 

Suddenly my world was thrown even deeper into the world crisis.  Crisis, as we all know, are negative changes in the human or environment affairs. They often occur abruptly and with little or no warning.   

In my world, I needed to get Bucky to the ferrier. To do that, I needed to leave immediately. First, though, I had a home crisis to take care of. There was no advance warning of the crisis and it had to be addressed and resolved before I could leave the house.

I searched everywhere. Then I searched again and again and again. And so did my wife. I even enlisted the help of friends.  My brain shut down. I felt sick. The whole experience was about to become very costly. 

Then my wife looked in the one place I did not.

Voila! The weight of the crisis was lifted. I could drive my car again. 

 I could get Bucky to the Ferrier and to the show this weekend. 

                       The World, It will survive!

      You Don’t Have To Be Rich And Famous To Have Adventures!