Edmond P. DeRousse

The Enigmatic Outlaw: Delving into the Life of Wild Bill Langley

wild west outlaws

American culture is full of tales of lawless frontier while the ‘Wild West’ is known as an American era shrouded in myths and legends. Going through some myths and legends, we find engaging texts and fun facts related to Western history. Each and every title behind such myths clarifies the roles, struggles, lifestyles, and also relationships of a certain group of people, which are the major components of the Western frontier, including cowboys, sheriffs, women, and most importantly, the outlaws.

Mainly, the most notorious outlaws of the Wild West have long been glamorized as swashbuckling killers as well as the daring robbers. The stories of such outlaws first hit the early American tabloids. Wild West outlaws and famous cowboys are certainly found in many of the Western history books. One of the best books enlightening the outlaws figures include “Cheyenne Circumstance” by Edmond P. DeRousse.

Let’s first explore Western history and historical romance!

Western History and Historical Romance

Authors create fictional plots in which Western history is depicted through historical romance, involving and weaving love stories into the backdrop of considerable historical events, mainly in the Western world. Such stories depict a compelling blend of love, adventure, western life, and historical insights. Through these interesting features, readers are allowed to immerse themselves in a bygone era that further give them an unforgettable experience of timeless romance.

Do you want to explore Western history through historical romance? Edmond P. DeRousse presents a story comprising of timeless romance, “Cheyenne Circumstance”, with a backdrop of the Western world in which readers will endure the spark of the Wild West, such as cowboys, outlaws, criminal activities, and whatnot.

Wild West Outlaws

In different Western history books, the Wild West era is one of the most prominent times, particularly during the 19th century in the United States that has been enlightened to its core. That specific era was popular for its notorious outlaws. Mainly, outlaws are the individuals who live on the edge; however, they also don’t have a particular place to spend the rest of their lives and they’re always looking over their shoulders.

The life of Wild West outlaws was exactly the same, such as needlessly hard. They are always found in a rush because someone is forever chasing them to make them pay for their bad deeds. In a similar context, “Cheyenne Circumstance” presents a disreputable outlaw, Wild Bill, named William Preston Langley. He was one of the most handsomest men, having a wide record of criminal activities. After his acceptance as an outlaw, he was named Bloody Bill Langley.

Famous Cowboys

American West is full of Cowboys history during the late 19th and 20th centuries. There is a very strong connection between the Cowboys and the Wild West, and you can say that their connection is also multifaceted. Edmond DeRousse takes readers on an unprecedented ride in his novel, “Cheyenne Circumstance,” where he allows readers to explore the life of a famous cowboy, Wild Bill. Bloody Bill Langley spent a frontier life in order to give limited access to law enforcement in his life. This story is all about Bill Langley, whose life journey remained unpredictable, and it was very difficult for him to make a safe escape from his troubled past.

Cheyenne Circumstance” by Edmond P. DeRousse

Edmond P. DeRousse features a story in which William Preston Langley has been presented as an outlaw who is escaping from his troubled past because he has become “Bloody Bill” due to his criminal activities. He, as the main character of the story, chooses to be in the world of criminals, which exposes him to various unexpected situations and circumstances.

One of the major circumstances of Wild Bill’s life is to meet his lady-love, Lizzy Smith, who is a very respectable young woman. After meeting with Lizzy Smith, Bill’s life took a drastic turn. However, Lizzy is the opposite of Wild Bill; Bill is an outlaw, but Lizzy is a young, respectable woman. Unaware of Bill’s dark background, Lizzy falls in love with him and finds solace in his company. Bill, on the other hand, was also sincere with Lizzy, and this was the right time for him to escape the world of crimes. But unfortunately, Bill’s troubled past didn’t make it out because something else was written in their fates. “Cheyenne Circumstance” is one of the best books on western history, representing famous cowboys, Wild West outlaws, and also the treasured historical romance.

Bill Longley’s Painful Ending: What Happened to Bill Longley?

It is very interesting to delve into the life of Wild Bill, who was running from his troubled past in order to make his future with Lizzy. Nevertheless, they were so extreme toward each other that Lizzy even accepted him after learning about his previous criminal records. Wild Bill, William Preston Langley, also tried his best to leave this dark and felonious world and start his new life with Lizzy and his unborn child. But fate was in between them, and what happened to Bill was so heart-wrenching.

Bill, after deciding to begin his life with Lizzy and his child, forgot that this criminal world has no escape, for anybody who makes an entry into it. Despite of a second chance, Wild Bill didn’t allow himself to find a path away from this deadly life. Lizzy showered her immense support for him, but all went in vein.

Lizzy and her child were alone when Bill left Cheyenne because he didn’t control himself to commit a murder. After nine years, Lizzy came to know that Wild Bill was in jail and was waiting for himself to be hung.

So, the ending was so tragic because Lizzy and Bill’s story didn’t make out.

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Who Was the Most Feared Gunslinger in the Old West?

As portrayed in this adventurous story by Edmond P. DeRousse, Bloody Bill or Wild Bill was born to be an outlaw, and he was supposed to be the most feared gunslinger in the Old West. Bloody Bill didn’t have a criminal background, but his fearlessness made him delve into this unfair world of delinquents.

Among other famous cowboys, Wild Bill was one of the handsome fairmen in the town with a command over revolvers. Due to his daring nature, he held the title of the deadliest gunslinger in the Wild West.

But we humans can’t change our fates – that’s what Lizzy and Wild Bill suffered!

Final Words

If you’re in search of an enigmatic outlaw and his adventures within Western history, then “Cheyenne Circumstance” is one of the best Western history books that take you on a rollercoaster ride within the twists and turns of Bill Longley’s life.

By telling the stories of famous cowboys and Wild West outlaws, Edmond P. DeRousse never misses a chance to impress the readers with his exceptional writing skills. He portrays all the characters in an amazing manner that makes you feel the story on such an emotional level.

So, get ready for a big adventure in “Cheyenne Circumstance” because there are a lot of thrilling encounters are waiting for you to be explored. Happy reading!