Edmond P. DeRousse

Taming the Outlaw: Bill’s Journey in Western History

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As an outlaw with a troubled past, it is very difficult to present yourself in mainstream society due to criminal records and activities. Outlaws often possess a lack of support from society, feelings of loneliness, and difficulty in forming healthy relationships. Western history is full of action-adventure books in which readers can find such stories based on the lives of criminals and how their troubled past affects their lives, in the present and in the future. “Cheyenne Circumstance” by Edmond P. DeRousse is one of the best historical fiction books that offers a rich picture of Western history and life.

In this book, readers will experience Western history, mainly the era around 1870s. The author will take you on the life trail of a handsome young Texas outlaw, William Preston, ‘Bloody Bill’ Langley. This captivating tale unfolds the lives of two people, who are deeply in love, brought together by a circumstance; a circumstance that also tears them apart?

Let’s explore this historical romance that will take you on an adventure of western history!

What is Romantic Historical Fiction?

Romantic historical fiction is a genre that specifically enlightens a historical setting with the growing romance of the main characters. Generally, many authors define this genre as those in which romantic history take place before the Vietnam War. Some writers define it as before WWII.

Do you want to explore romantic historical fiction with a touch of Western history? If you do, Edmond P. DeRousse presents, with action and thrilling circumstances, a heartwarming story of love and hopeful redemption through the pages of his Wild West tale. “Cheyenne Circumstance” by Edmond DeRousse is the best example among historical fiction books that highlight a rich history of the West with illustrations of unanticipated emotions and romance.

This book also gives readers a compelling and beautiful journey about the lives of two strong characters, ‘Bloody Bill’ Langley, and a very respectable woman, Lizzy Smith. Unlike other action adventure books, “Cheyenne Circumstance” does not only give a narrative on the lives of outlaws and their gunfights but drives the readers crazy by beautifully portraying the elements of action, thrill, adventure, history, and romance.

What is an Example of Sacrifice and Love?

Have you ever heard of any example of sacrifice and love? Well, love and sacrifice are the two sides of a coin, because one cannot love without sacrificing his/her individuality. For love, you have to sacrifice multiple aspects of your life, including your desires, wishes, your present, and your past, along with accepting the complexity of change. When you love someone, you make sure to accept his/her past with a strong spirit while pursuing a better future.

In many Western history books, you can find a number of examples of love and sacrifice. Cheyenne Circumstance” by Edmond P. DeRousse is a prime example of sacrifice and love. It is more than just a story of love. Its storyline explores the power of redemption while facing difficulties in the path of change. Through the unsettled world of Bill Langley and Lizzy Smith, this story will transport you to the troubled past of Bill and his search for redemption.

Running from a criminal past, Bill Langley ends up in Cheyenne and rushes headlong into a chance to start his new life. In a surprising encounter, he meets Lizzy Smith, who is living a perfect respectable life and is unaware of Bill’s dark past.

For the handsome young outlaw and the respectable young lady, the connection was immediate when their eyes first met. But the outlaw’s past was a threat to a possible new beginning. Even after learning of Bill’s past, Lizzy pledged her support to Langley. Bill assures her that he’ll never go back to his past life again. But pressures from his disturbed prior life threaten to make him fall again into his dark past. Staying could mean Lizzy and their unborn child would sacrifice their lives because of him. This is the reason Bill sacrifices his love to save the life of Lizzy and his child. Yet Lizzy’s love for Bill, despite knowing his hidden dark secret, is committed to remaining with him for all her life.

Cheyenne Circumstance” is a great example of love and sacrifice that you wouldn’t want to miss at all.

Are Western Novels Still Popular?

Western history books are still very popular among readers due to their alluring romances. In today’s diverse world of so many genres, books rich in Western history drive the readers crazy despite their historical landscapes and cowboy characters. DeRousse, in “Cheyenne Circumstance”, portrays a tale full of twists and turns with a dark web of criminal activities in which Bill is badly stuck.

As an authentic Western enthusiast, Edmond presents a historical romance where values and social facets are stronger and different from the present time. Through the layers of Western history, “Cheyenne Circumstance” reflects the essence of resilience from both characters, Bill Langley and Lizzy Smith. However, both characters are on a journey for a better future for themselves and for their love. The 4-star rating of “Cheyenne Circumstance” on Amazon proves that Western novels are still very popular among readers.


Cheyenne Circumstance” is a fascinating novel for everyone seeking a rich combination of Western history with action, adventure, and romance. It gives an enticing view of the Old West or American West and its life, with a detailed overview of the historical features, complexity of characters, and exciting narratives. It’s totally worth it if you want to invest your time in reading “Cheyenne Circumstance” because this novel will show you the trials of human will, along with a comprehensive narration of the redemptive power of love.