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Ready to Explore the Wild West as seen through the lens of Hollywood? Start with These Top Western Non-Fiction Books

Western non-fiction books


Do you want to explore the charm of a bygone era? Western non-fiction books are the best companions that offer a ride to embark on a journey through historical times. The charm of American history is nothing without the fascinating addition of the Wild West. It’s often portrayed amazingly in movies and Western books.

Many non-fiction books explain the reality or fictional reality of these western characters. Non-fiction books, like “I Should Have Been A Cowboy” by Edmond P. DeRousse, explore the reality of portraying these western heroes, villains, and vast landscapes in film. Here, we are going to explore the best collection of Western non-fiction books. Before discovering the literary treasure, let’s have a look at Life in the Wild, as mentioned in non-fiction books.

What was life really like in the Wild West?

There is a specific perspective on the Western life of the American frontier, but have you ever explored the reality? Was it really just about the gunshots, cowboys, horseback riding, and outlaws, or is there more to know?

Life in the Wild West in the late 1800s was full of thrills, dangers, and emerging chances. Books about the Wild West perfectly illustrate the circumstances, culture and history of the Old West. People experience unexpected situations with compelling views and disturbing encounters.

Here are some aspects of life in the Wild West:

The Wild West attracted pioneers who wanted new chances, excitement, and liberty. Lots of folks traveled out west to find land, gold, or a new beginning. Living there was hard because of the tough weather, rough land, and not much to go around. Settlers had a tough time with things like not enough rain, floods, big fires, and really hot or cold weather.

Moving into the West initiated fights with Native American tribes who had been there for a long time. These fights led to violence, forcing many indigenous people to leave their homes and give up their traditional customs.

In many areas of the West, there weren’t enough people enforcing the law, so many individuals broke the rules without consequences. This made it easier for criminals to operate freely and take advantage of the large, empty spaces.

The finding of gold, silver, and other precious things led to towns booming fast. Many people rushed there, hoping to get rich. But if the resources ran out, these towns could also fade away quickly.
Cattle ranching was a big business, and cowboys were key in guiding and caring for the cattle. The cowboy life meant doing tough work for many hours out on the open land.

Despite what many people think, the Wild West had many different types of people from all over. They came from different places like Europe and Asia, and each group added to the history and culture of the region.

Women in the Wild West took on various tasks, including settling land, managing businesses, educating, caring for the sick, raising cattle, and extracting minerals from the earth.

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Top Western Non-Fiction Books of All Time

Whether you are a true enthusiast of Wild West books or seeking something unique to elevate your reading experience, here we have enlisted the best books about the Wild West.

I Should Have Been A Cowboy! History of The American Cowboy” by Edmond P. DeRousse

In this chaotic world, the idea of going on a big adventure is always appealing. “I Should Have Been A Cowboy! History of The American Cowboy” by Edmond P. DeRousse captures this feeling of adventure.

Edmond P. DeRousse is the mastermind behind the masterpiece “I Should Have Been A Cowboy! History of The American Cowboy.” His life is full of diverse experiences, including serving in the US Army during the Vietnam War, teaching in the Illinois Department of Corrections, and working with the Boy Scouts of America. DeRousse is fond of nature and riding horses. His rich knowledge and expertise shine through his writing. Readers can resonate with his content and enjoy reading his compelling books. It was the Western movies and television shows that shaped his interest in all things cowboy. Those cowboys depicted an adventurous life that many young boys emulated while playing.

“I Should Have Been A Cowboy” tells the story of the American Cowboy from his saddle, to myths and legends, to Hollywood, and finally to television. “I Should Have Been A Cowboy” is not just an ordinary book about Western history; it’s a complete journey of cowboys from the vast landscapes of the West to their portrayal in a fledgling motion picture industry and eventually to your televisions.

Through impressive writing skills, DeRousse makes you feel like you’re right there with the actors and all those involved with the young film industry as they explore the adventures and dangers the American cowboy confronted everyday. Like the cowboy stories they depicted, their films often met with unpredictable challenges that had to be met.

Whether you are a true enthusiast of Western history or just exploring this must-read book to elevate your reading time, DeRousse’s book on Western film history has something for everyone. It describes the excitement of riding horses in wide open spaces and the peaceful moments of thinking while on horseback. This book shows what it’s like to live boldly, be curious, and have an open mind.

In a vast literature of non-fiction books, “I Should Have Been A Cowboy! History of The American Cowboy” reminds us how adventure can transform a personality. Edmond P. DeRousse tells stories from the heart, inspiring us to enjoy life’s ups and downs, take risks, and find ourselves. So, join DeRousse to discover Western film history through the pages of “I Should Have Been A Cowboy! History of The American Cowboy.”

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” by Dee Brown

This is another literary gem from Western non-fiction books that shows the circumstances of the 19th century through the illustration of the tragedies of Native American tribes. It stands out in non-fiction books with strong storytelling and compelling elements, inviting readers to experience the situations of that particular time.

Empire of the Summer Moon” by S.C. Gwynne

This is a compelling book that shows the highs and lows of the Comanche Nation and highlights the life of the last great chief of the Comanches, Quanah Parker. Authentic knowledge from valid resources and portraying the details of the Comanche and other tribes add life to its content.

Blood and Thunder: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West” by Hampton Sides

It’s a must-read book that features the story of Kit Carson, a prominent figure from the past era. Carson lived during a time when America was growing to the west. He started off as a fur trapper and scout, then later became very important in shaping what would happen in the American West. Sides’ book describes Carson’s life, the dangers he faced, the fights he was in, and the chances he had to do great things.

The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey” by Rinker Buck

It is an adventurous work from non-fiction books that sheds light on the history of America. Buck explores many fascinating things while traveling two thousand miles on the Oregon Trail with a covered wagon. They confront many challenges with courage and discuss the evolution from the past to the present.


Enjoy the adventure of the Old West through the pages of Western non-fiction books. These literary gems offer real stories about cowboys, heroes and the American frontier. These show the complexities, and the spirit people have. Wild West books like “I Should Have Been A Cowboy! History of The American Cowboy” transport us to the western landscapes and show the evolution.