Edmond P. DeRousse

The Mailbox Incident:

This story is just for fun.  Let your imagination go free.

The police arrived at the scene of the crime while the EMS people were attending to a man who was apparently shot by a “drive-by” shooter. The policeman was interviewing a witness.

Police: “I’m officer Bradley. Are you Mr. James?

Witness: “Yes sir, I am.”

Police: “You called the police and reported a man shot. Tell me what you saw.”

Witness: “Is Jack OK?”

Police: “The paramedics are taking him to the hospital, but they tell me he will be ok. Do you know the man?”

Witness: “Yes sir, I do. He’s my neighbor.”

Police: “Did you see what happened?”

Witness: “Yes sir, I did. I saw a woman in a SUV shoot Jack.”

Police: “Can you describe what you saw?”

Witness: “Jack had just picked up his mail and was standing next to his mailbox waiting for a car to pass. That’s his house, right there.  And that’s the mailbox across the street where he was standing when he got shot.

I was in front of my house waiting for the same car to pass so I could cross the street to get my mailbox. The car almost completely stopped in front of Jack. Then I heard what sounded like gunfire coming from the car and Jack fell to the ground. That woman in the car shot him.”

Police: “Woman? So, you saw the shooter?”

Witness: “Yes. As I said, I was waiting for the car to pass so I could go get my mail. Not only did I see that the driver was a woman, but I can tell you who she is?”

Police: “You know her?”

Witness: “No, I don’t know her personally. I never actually met her. But Jack showed me her picture the other day. He said her name was Frankie. He didn’t tell me her last name. She looked like the woman in the picture!”

Police: “Is she related to Jack?

Witness: “Nope! She was his mistress.”

Police: “Can you describe her?”

Witness: “In the picture, she had long shoulder length blond hair, pretty, slim. I could see her face when she sped away, and she looked exactly like the woman in the picture.”

Police: “Are you sure it was her?”

Witness: “Yes, I’m positive! It definitely was Frankie, the woman in the picture! She almost ran over me. She sped away so fast I had to jump out of the way of her car! I made eye contact with her though.” 

Police: “Could you describe the car she was driving?”

Witness: “It was a relatively new blue Ford Escape. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the license plate number. Frankie was driving it, though. I know it was Frankie.” 

Police: “Can you tell me anything more about this woman that can help us find her?”

Witness: “Jack said the woman was the cleaning lady in his office and that they were having an affair. His wife found out about it and left him. Jack told me he was going to try to get his wife back. So, he ended the affair with Frankie, and she wasn’t happy about it. I bet that’s why she shot him!! To get even!”

Police: “Where does Jack work?”

Witness: “At Mackinaw’s Accounting, downtown.”

Police: “And this woman was the cleaning lady there?”

Witness: “Yes sir! That’s what Jack told me.”

Police: “Anything else you can tell me?”

Witness: “No sir! I can’t think of anything else. If I do, I can call you, right?”

Police: “Yes sir, you can. Just call the police department and ask for me. We’ll contact you if we need anything else from you. Thank you for your help.”

When the police went to Mackinaw’s to interrogate Frankie, she had not reported in to work. Part of Officer Bradley’s investigation included checking out Jack’s office. He found a note on Jack’s desk which read:

Dear police

I shot Jack, he told me he no longer wanted me. 

I wanted to make sure his wife could no longer have him.