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Ghost Story

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How many of you have had an experience with Ghosts? It’s Halloween eve!! What better time to broach the subject. I think I did encounter a Ghost once while in high school.  This is the story of that Ghostly encounter:

This adventure happened around 1965.

I and some friends were camping in the woods at our favorite campsite. Earlier we all previously had an encounter with some bad dudes. We left our campsite later that night to check out some noises. As we walked down the dirt road in the total darkness, we saw something we did not expect. At first, we weren’t sure what we were seeing. Bill told us to stop for a minute. It was a pair of headlights. Probably the dudes we encountered earlier. Had they found us?

It looked like two or three pairs of headlights. We needed to get out of sight in a hurry. We ran into the open field adjacent to the road and hunkered down. When the cars safely passed, we got back on the road and continued our journey to perhaps slaughter.

A few yards down the road we heard something in the woods. The night was pitch black. We all hunkered down to listen. We certainly were caught in a bad spot. The open field was on one side of us, and the woods were on the other.

Whatever we heard in the woods sounded human.

We weren’t about to move until we knew what we were up against.

We heard footsteps crossing the road a few feet in front of us and walk into the open field.

Whatever it was, we hoped it would leave us alone?… But it didn’t. That thing just kept walking up and down the field parallel to us.

It was really late. Possibly early morning now. But we were too tired to be scared.

Bill finally came up with a brilliant idea. He decided he would slither up a few feet, stand up, and yell. When that thing came out to attack him, the rest of us would jump on the attacker and beat it off. Sounded like a good plan to us, especially since Bill volunteered to be the attackee.

The plan worked like a charm. Bill stepped forward and screamed like a Banshee. We were ready and primed. But nothing happened. Nothing came out of the field to attack us. We waited for a sneak attack. Still nothing happened. The footsteps ceased.

We all heard those footsteps walking through the woods, cross the road a few steps ahead of us and walk up and down that open field.   

We never saw anything, but we all heard S O M E T H I N G……. Or DID WE?

We finally made it back to our campsite totally exhausted. We totally expected company. Would those bad dudes be waiting for us? Fortunately, the place was deserted, and nothing was disturbed.

We were teenagers who were coming off a bad experience. Could our overactive minds have been creating something?  I, for one, am convinced I truly had encountered a Ghost. Those unseen footsteps were real. I heard them. Something was out there, and it was not the footsteps of a four-legged animal.

I cannot for certainty say ghosts do exist, but I cannot for certainty say they do not exist either. To this day I can still occasionally hear those footsteps. I never did find out what it was. I have heard some speculation, but nothing tangent.

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